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'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown

PowerPoint Presentation : Handa’s Surprise (with music, animation and sound effects).

Activity Workbook: Sequencing Story (4 pictures and 6 pictures), Initial sound sheets h and s (draw pictures and sort pictures), Choose fruit for basket, Draw favourite part of story.

Story workbook: 5 colouring-in format pictures in order for pupils to add own captions.

Resource Pack: Character masks and props for role play, Fruit photographs with labels (font: Comic Sans), Animal Photographs with labels (font: Comic Sans)Pictures of story items to print and laminate with labels (in Comic Sans font) All images from the story, colouring images, item photographs and signing images in zip file to use for your own additional activities.

Handa’s Surprise Lotto game (4 Boards) with cards also suitable for pairs or snap game.

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