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Resources to Support Inclusion

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Double sided Shape Word Mat (2D and 3D): click the image to download

Simple shape cards for 2D and 3D shapes: click the images to download

2D Shape poster set showing lines of symmetry: click the image to download

2D Shape reveal activities for the IWB: click the links below the image to download

Available for circle, square, tall rectangle , wide rectangle, triangle, right angled triangle, pentagon, and hexagon

Mini 2d shape cards for sorting and matching: click the image to download

Click on the images to download these new resources: Shape Lotto, Shape Match up, 2d Display Cards, 3d Display Cards and Bordered Paper

Shape fans in 2d and 3d: click on the images to download

2d Fan

3d Fan

15cm x15cm Programmable Robot Cards

2d Shape and 3d Shape

Triangles Poster Set: click the image to download

2d Shape Character Set and 3d Shape Character Set

Properties of Shape presentation, featuring the 2d shape gang characters

Shape activities for the IWB with added speech